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Wayne Donnelly - Hypnotist

Learn to Control Your Mind - Create Your Own Personal Power

Enjoy the show OR .. BE the show! 

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"3 Steps to Your Weight Loss MOTIVATION"

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Personal Hypnosis Sessions

If you have had enough of looking in the mirror and not enjoying the reflection of an overweight body......if you don't like the feeling of wearing baggy clothes to cover yourself up......if you are thinking about Christmas and dreading the thought of eating your way through it....

Then it may be time to make a change for the better.

What if you could work on your weight while you sleep?What if you enjoyed eating the right foods for you without having to think about it?

Imagine how much more you could be enjoying life!

You could be looking good, feeling great and saying things like the many other who have attended my workshops - like the people who have given their "textimonials" ->

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